Who is Marcos Refinski?

Hello, my name is Marcos Refinski, I am a Digital Influencer in the area of Digital Marketing and SEO that lives in the region of Treviso in Italy.
I have worked with many companies in Brazil, London and Italy over the years with the aim of increasing their sales and consequently the visualization of their business, improving ranking that is the position that a website occupies in the results page in search engines.
In my opinion the work of digital marketing has been increasing a lot in recent years, and the demand for good professionals in this area has been growing.
Here I will show you exactly the steps you should follow and the benefits you will have with the support of a professional who takes your business very seriously.

Vender de forma Fácil

To sell on the internet, it is not enough just create a website and insert the product, you need to make it known, or visualized and I will teach you how and my methods to make it possible.

Estratégias de Marketing

There are several methods like twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, techniques with backlinks and more. Marketing strategies are fundamental to any business and there are important tools for this purpose and I will help you to use them and make your website rise like a rocket.


I always say that advertising is the soul of the business. If your website needs traffic, SEO techniques will make the magic happen. Want to see your product among the first on google? So, you know what to do. 😉

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