How Increase the Traffic on my Website?

Would like to know how increase the traffic on your website? To generate quality organic traffic you need to diversify.

Because only then will you have options if one of your traffic sources (or even two) has some kind of problem or restriction that you can not control.

On second thought, no one wants to lose their visitors from one moment to another, right?

Many people ask me: Marcos Refinski, How  Increase the traffic on my website? and, because there is no single answer to that question, there has been a willingness to write about how to generate consistent, quality traffic to your site, so many diferent ways to do that, title, description, backlinks, trust flow, citation flow, ecc.

For me the image bellow describes with accuracy the 4 most delicate steps for search engine.

the main steps to get results on google.

Some tips are always welcome:

Stand out with captivating headlines that show up in searches – as Shepard explains, the nature of the Google+ platform is that posts on it are a bit more like mini blog posts than posts on other sites. Use headlines by including terms that you want to appear in search, since the headline is what appears in Google’s search engine. If you do not use a headline you risk a huge number of people not seeing your posts.

Compelling words – longer posts should not be avoided. They can help you to provide your customers with more information, and key points that should be considered. More words can mean the chance to be more persuasive in your social media posts using this channel.

Target your posts – on Google+ you can decide who to share with, and as Shepard points out, most people just decide on the “public” setting as this gives them a lot of exposure. However, targeted exposure can be better than mass exposure because it can focus on the individuals that may really be interested. You can add your circles and certain individuals to your share settings and this will tell users that you shared something with them. You can also set it up to do this by email too. This should not be done for every post, or your circles and select individuals will think you are spamming them.

Quality content and keywords focus on your tittle

Optimizing Content for Search Engines

The basic premises of relevant content are quality and originality.

And this is also good for the work of optimizing websites and articles and get more organic traffic.

Title (HELP IN RANKING) And Description Convert!

The title for me is the one and the most important and essential for a good rankings, it is for him that primarily the Google algorithm seeks to choose and then list the results of a search.

If the title rankings, the description comes just below to convert the user click, it is that text that has the power of convincing while showing more deep what the user will find after the click.

We should follow this trend to improve and Generate Organic Traffic and, if possible, benefit from it as much as we can.